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‘Oddly satisfying’: ME joins slow TV movement with long-form ad

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‘Oddly satisfying’: ME joins slow TV movement with long-form ad


Ever wondered how credit cards are manufactured? A new video ad for ME gives them the slow TV hand-crafted treatment.

‘Slow TV with ME’, the video by Either Either Creative, shows a silicone mix being poured into a mould and bank card numbers being laser cut and hand-applied with delicate tweezers.

The bank shared an hour-long version yesterday along with this 60-second teaser.

Slow TV is part of a growing counter movement to today’s fast-paced world of real time, always-on connectivity.

“Our social media engagement strategy is to be relevant, relatable and responsive so appropriating current positive enjoyable and unique content trends communicates that,” says ME CEO Ingrid Purcell.

“We used ME’s cheeky, playful voice to highlight its approach to personal banking and individual service,” says Either Either creative director Mete Erdogan. “The ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) slow TV concept is a satire on the current online trend.”

Development of the project took roughly three months. Most of the time, recalls Erdogan, was spent experimenting with materials that could withstand the tiny scale of the numbers and thinness of the card.

“Our peers suggested creating the card at a larger scale or entirely in CGI,” he says, “which may have been easier but we were interested in the physicality and intricacy of the process.”

The “perfect combination” arrived at for the production includes 3D printers, laser cutters, perspex and cardboard, Warhammer figurine paint and white Lego.

Sound design was also a major part of the project, in keeping with the ASMR concept.

“We were interested in moments like the shirt sleeves sliding against the paper tablecloth, the scalpel cutting through the card and the silicone mould peeling off the resin,” in particular, says Erdogan.

Here’s the full hour-long video.

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