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Nintendo Australia partners with bwired

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Nintendo Australia partners with bwired


bwired has announced it will partner with Nintendo Australia to drive the gaming giant’s online performance across multiple sites.

The partnership is built on the implementation of bwired’s website management platform, coreDNA and comes after extensive testing of bwired’s design and development capability across the Nintendo website and associated microsites (including Pokemon Platinum and Wii Sports Resort).

Sam Saltis, managing director of bwired, said that the partnership process with Nintendo Australia confirmed that bwired’s level of service and scalability was equal to the global gaming giant’s requirements.

“Nintendo Australia’s multiple sites and developments really highlight our ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and assist our partners to do the same” explained Saltis.

bwired explaine that coreDNA is a content management system that aims to help streamline client’s integrated marketing communication campaigns. The tools the coreDNA platform provides are tied to the execution of Nintendo Australia’s business outcomes, helping achieve measurable results online and offline.

Kalum Buckland of Nintendo Australia said that the platform is suited to websites demanding flexibility.

“bwired’s coreDNA platform makes it possible to get large online projects up in a matter of weeks, projects that might take up to six months to build otherwise. Coupled with its willingness to custom develop elements for our specific needs, and the broad range of services they’re able to provide, working with bwired is helping us quickly expand our online business,” asserted Buckland.

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