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Royal baby provides perfect platform for agile marketing

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Royal baby provides perfect platform for agile marketing


The royal baby is finally here (not here exactly but you know what we mean) and for the thousands of journos and well-wishers that have been camped out the front of Saint Mary’s hospital in London for the past two weeks, the long wait is finally over.

But we should also spare a thought for all of the bright and eager marketers that have been sitting on their prepared tweets, photos and branded Instagram pictures to coincide with the birth of England’s future king.

Taking a leaf out of Oreo’s book after its lightning-speed response to the Super Bowl blackout, brands have tried to outdo each other by crafting humorous (and sometimes cringe-worthy) content to celebrate Kate and Will’s new bundle of joy.

For many brands this could be a soft introduction to ‘newsjacking‘, ‘newsroom marketing‘ or ‘agile marketing’ – whatever you want to call it, the expected nature of it gave brands time to be creative, and tested out the process to increase response times in the future, if they so wish.

Here’s a selection. Our question: where are the Aussie brands? Not even a peep from famous news-jacker Nandos. If we’ve missed them, let us know.


Nintendo America: 

Magnum Ice Cream: 


Oreo Cookies: 




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