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Aussie men sex-starved but loyal

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Aussie men sex-starved but loyal


An AskMen.com survey has revealed that marketers may have got it wrong in terms of the Aussie bloke persona portrayed in advertising.

The ‘2009 AskMen Great Male Survey’ had a global participation of 50,000, with 1,500 Australian respondents. The survey examined 18-34 year old male’s attitudes to relationships, politics, lifestyle, business, fashion and sex.

Consisting of 100 questions, the survey identified a recurring theme of returning traditional values. The institution of marriage is still valid to 71% of Australian men, with 46% saying being a good father and/or husband that takes care of his family makes a man manly. A perceived decline in morality within business is lamented by 58%.

The survey painted a picture of the typical ‘Aussie bloke’ contradicting accepted stereotypes. Australian and New Zealand wines are the preferred drink of 76% ‘blokes’, style is more important than comfort in clothing to 65%, and 71% believe portrayals of Australian men in advertising as inaccurate.

Unsurprisingly, Aussie men wanted more sex. More than two-thirds had fantasised about sleeping with their partner’s friends, a symptom of 40% not being entirely satisfied with their sex lives? A further 23% were entirely dissatisfied.

AskMen.com’s Australia editor, Emma-Kate Dobbin, explained:

“Ever-evolving and complex, contemporary men are constantly redefining what manhood means and their values to reflect a constantly changing world. The 2009 Great Male Survey demonstrates that, contrary to the stereotype, your ‘typical’ Aussie bloke isn’t the beer swilling larrikin he’s made out to be in the media, but stylish, sensitive and romantic, and yes, he has a healthy libido.”

The survey claims Queensland had the most beautiful women of any Australia State. It also found that 72% of Australian men would not cheat on their partner, even if there was no chance of them finding out [this begs the question whether AskMen needs to do a follow-up study – the How Many Men Blatantly Lie in Surveys Survey – cynical print editors].

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