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More Australians are choosing domestic holidays – TNS study

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More Australians are choosing domestic holidays – TNS study


Australia’s tourism and travel habits have changed as more Australians are choosing to holiday domestically, TNS’s latest study shows.

The study found Australians are now more than ever looking to relax, shop, reconnect with family and friends, and have luxury accommodation within Australia.

Short domestic trips are still on the rise as more Australians are opting for overnight trips or day trips. Overnight domestic travel was worth $53.7 billion to the Australian economy for the year ending September 2014.

Head of Travel and Leisure at TNS Australia, Ed Steiner, attributes the changes to the weaker Australian dollar. Previously, the high Australian dollar of the past few years made it difficult for Australians to justify the costs of a domestic holiday when international holidays were more affordable.

“We’re now on the verge of a sea change where shifts in the economic landscape and Australians’ renewed interest in local R&R and food and shopping experiences create a significant opportunity for the travel and retail sectors,” said Ed Steiner.

The study also found that Australians are choosing to spend more on accommodation as travellers of all ages consider quality accommodation a necessity.

According to Ed Steiner, TNS’s latest study suggests Australia “will see a healthy tourism sector in the coming year”.

“This year’s report shows us that to reach Australian travellers, businesses must understand the importance of personal interactions and Australians’ desire to be laid back, relaxed and in comfort,” said Steiner.


What Australians do on holiday

The study revealed 85% of Australians enjoy browsing and shopping in shopping centres, with a majority also going for bites to eat or for food and groceries.

Arts and crafts markets and farmers’ markets are similarly growing in popularity as more people are drawn in by their unique items and open air experiences.

The study showed that one in two Australians make a trip to visit family and friends at least once a year, with dining (75%) and visiting shopping centres (63%) as the most popular activities.

Visitors from New Zealand see Australia as a popular holiday destination for similar reasons. With one in four New Zealanders visiting Australia annually, the study shows 60% visit to relax, 52% to reconnect with loved ones and 51% come to shop.




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