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Four big trends for 2013: actionable intelligence high on agenda

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Four big trends for 2013: actionable intelligence high on agenda


I landed in Australia from the United Kingdom eight months ago and observing where the local digital marketing industry is heading has been an interesting learning curve. I’ve completed my deep-dives and now with my head back above water, it’s clear there are some key trends that will shape the year ahead.

Turning data into actionable intelligence

Having lots of ‘big data’ from quality sources is indeed important but that’s not actually the hard part. The challenge is understanding what that data actually tells you and turning it into ‘actionable intelligence’. As technology and our expertise in matching and combining data in actionable ways continues to advance, publishers have the ability to:

  • provide insight for more effective planning
  • efficiently target the exact right audience
  • create relevance through context, and
  • measure and prove impact.

For advertisers, this intelligence enables them to deliver highly targeted and more effective campaigns that innovate and push creative boundaries for their brands.

A tablet world by 2015

We predict that tablets will overtake PCs as the primary device by 2015 tablet adoption in Australia has been extraordinary in a relatively short period of time with Telsyte reporting tablet penetration at 26% in November 2012.

And with the advent of Windows 8 devices, like the Microsoft Surface and HP Envy, the definitions of ‘what’s a tablet versus a laptop’ are blurring, while thanks to the introduction of ‘phablets’, phone/tablet hybrids are emerging.

So what does this all mean? In short, any digital experience or execution should be developed with ‘touch’ in mind. Clickable areas on devices should be no smaller than 44×44 pixels – the average finger tap – and while this may mean designers need to rethink how their advertising is being viewed and engaged with, ultimately this will enhance the consumer’s online experience and make it more likely that they will revisit the content they like time and time again.

Take a look at some of the rich, immersive experiences available on Windows 8 and you’ll see how the entire advertising experience is being re-imagined. We are currently in the midst of a global study into Cross-Screen Engagement and look forward to sharing these results in the coming months.

Mastering the art of ‘screen-weaving’

Consumers are now adept at media multi-tasking. They expect to be able to consume content anytime, anywhere. This opens up huge opportunities for publishers and brands to weave their stories across multiple screens and platforms – something we are calling “screen-weaving”.

Instead of simply duplicating content across devices, the best marketers are complementing and optimising the message depending on the screen and purpose, providing an enhanced and rewarding experience for consumers.

There are some great global examples of how this has been done well. For instance: Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. Chefs who have been eliminated on television meet in a version of the main show, shown on an app only, for a chance to compete to get back into the main competition.

We have some great examples of screen-weaving planned for Jump-in this year. Stay tuned.

Change is the only constant in the media industry right now

The media industry is in an era of constant change and aggressive innovation is now a way of life. Companies and their employees need to be open-minded, agile in their thinking and able to switch projects quickly.

Successful businesses and people will embrace this uncertain world and live with evolving strategies and ever-changing priorities. Managing and leading through ambiguity and change is likely to become the defining leadership competency sought after in employees in the next couple of years.

It’s going to be an interesting year ahead – one where I expect those who embrace new technology and challenge traditional marketing formulas will emerge as the winners in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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Matt James

Managing director, Mi9

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