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Martech news: Campaign Monitor, Pegasystems, Neustar, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Integral Ad Science and TubeMogul

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Martech news: Campaign Monitor, Pegasystems, Neustar, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Integral Ad Science and TubeMogul


In today’s marketing technology wrap, Campaign Monitor’s European expansion, Pega’s robotic automation, Neustar and Facebook partner up, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Orchestration Canvas, Integral Ad Science’s MRC accreditation, and TubeMogul’s native and display offerings.

Campaign Monitor opens London office

Email marketing and automation platform Campaign Monitor has opened a European headquarters in London. The company also plans to open a data centre in Europe to support its growing customer base in the region.

It will create 100 new positions in the UK in the next two years.

Its current customer base sit at around 2 million customers at over 200,000 companies around the world – over 25,000 of which are based in the UK.

The London office adds to Campaign Monitor’s existing offices in San Francisco, New York and Sydney.

Pega Robotic Automation is now unified and available within the Pega 7 Platform

Pegaystems Inc has announced its robotic automation is now available within its Pega 7 Platform for case and business process management and its portfolio of CRM applications.

Organisations can now intelligently optimise how work gets done – by humans and robots – across the enterprise from a central end-to-end platform.

“On its own, robotic automation has proven that it can deliver significant productivity gains for employees and organisations that transform customer engagement. But its true power results when it’s combined with other technologies to raise automation to an entirely new level, automating both core business functions and the ‘long tail’ of hard-to-automate-tasks,” says Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president product marketing at Pegasystems.

Neustar partners with Facebook

Neustar has announced a new advanced marketing analytics partnership with Facebook. The partnership aims to help marketers better understand the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and drive greater returns from their marketing investments.

The integration with Facebook signals that marketers are now able to better undertand Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network digital campaign attribution and can combine these results with their marketing mix modeling to understand the holistic influence across offline and online.

The advanced attribution solution considers both the offline marketing tactics and the non-media drivers (eg. weather patterns, economic indicators etc.) to help clients examine the true value of digital marketing performance. Furthermore, proprietary propensity models give clients an accurate indicator of how likely it is for a customer to purchase a certain product or service in response to marketing activities.

“In a world where brands need to connect both online with offline, understanding how to build a connected customer experience across people, places and things is more complex than ever. With the proliferation of devices, the fragmentation of media and the dizzying amount of content consumers are exposed to, it is no wonder marketers struggle to accurately identify their customers, measure and optimise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns,” says Steven Wolfe Pereira, chief marketing and communications officer, Neustar.

Oracle Marketing Cloud introduces Orchestration Canvas

Oracle Marketing Cloud has announced industry-first innovations which will make it easier for marketers to provide personalised customer experiences across web, mobile web, display, mobile apps and email at scale.

“Effectively orchestrating cross-channel marketing activities can be extremely complex for brands, but it is an area that marketing must tackle as discrepancies in experiences, and sometimes prices, erode trust and distance customers from a brand,” Says Steve Krause, group-vice president product management, oracle marketing cloud.

“To help our customers address these challenges, we have broken down the silos that typically separate marketing teams with our new cross-channel marketing solution. This will help improve collaboration and empower marketing to orchestrate relevant real-time experiences.”

Integral Ad Science gains Media Rating Council accreditation for sophisticated invalid traffic detection

Technology and data company Integral Ad Science (IAS) has become the first company accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for viewable ad impression measurement to also gain MRC accreditation for sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection for desktop and mobile web traffic.

In addition to the accreditation, IAS was also granted first-time accreditation by MRC for its mobile web and in-app SDK viewability measurement for display and video ads, and was granted continued accreditation for brand risk monitoring, blocking of display ads that do not meet brand risk parameters, and viewable desktop display and video ad impression measurement.

MRC accreditation signifies that IAS’s solutions adhere to the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research and to industry-accepted standards for digital campaign measurement and ad verification:

  • The mobile web and in-app display and video viewability accreditation validates IAS’s capabilities to measure impressions served and viewable during ad campaigns, and additional viewability metrics.
  • IAS’s accreditation for SIVT validates the company’s proprietary technology to detect, measure and report on invalid activity on desktop and mobile web traffic.

TubeMogul’s new native and display offerings

TubeMogul has announced its enterprise software now offers automated, data-driven buying of native ads across desktop and mobile devices.

The native ad formats span both display and video across desktop and mobile devices. Designed to be non-intrusive, the ads blend into a publisher’s existing content by automatically adapting assets like an advertiser’s images, copy and logo.

Several clients helped beta test the offering, including Motorola US.

“Planning and buying native ads through automated software promises to give us more precise targeting and insight into how the medium fits into our true omnichannel customer journey,” says Gary Milner, director of global marketing at Lenovo.

“We’re excited to test tjis offering, particularly given TubeMogul’s track record of transparency and tools like BrandSights to better understand what’s working – and act on it.”

Other news from TubeMogul has seen the company – via expanded partnerships –  announce it has revamped its display offering in order to increase accountability and further improve effectiveness in cross-channel branding and performance campaigns.

Critical components of the augmentation were:

  • Building upon an earlier video-specific integration, TubeMogul is extending Integral Ad Science’s pre-bid filters for viewability and fraudulent traffic to nsure display ads are always seen by real viewers.
  • Since the majority of premium display ads are bought through private deals, TubeMogul added support for Deal ID functionality across leading private marketplaces, including Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Index Exchange and Rubicon Project.
  • In order to add service rich media-enabled dynamic creative, TubeMogul struck a preferred partnership with Jivox, a leading platform for personalised digital advertising and marketing. Through this integration, TubeMogul’s in-house Creative Team can help marketers develop highly personalised rich media display ads, such as expandable banners, Rising Stars units and ad creative that changes dynamically based on factors like weather, location and time of day.
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