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Australian brands are failing to deliver decent digital experiences

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Australian brands are failing to deliver decent digital experiences


A report from enterprise software vendor SAP has concluded that Australian brands are failing to deliver the digital experience consumers want.

SAP’s ‘Australian Digital Experience Report’ found that almost half of all 3000 respondents said they are unsatisfied with the digital experiences being delivered, translating to a loss of customer loyalty and advocacy.

In order to rank the digital customer experience of Australian brands, SAP asked  3000 consumers to rate their digital interactions with 34 of Australia’s largest organisations against 13 core attributes of a delightful digital experience.

Customers that are delighted with a digital experience are four times more likely to remain loyal to a brand, compared to those unsatisfied, the report says. Of those consumers identified as unsatisfied with their digital experience, 17% stated they would remain loyal to the brand. In contrast, if a brand can provide a strong digital experience, 73% would remain loyal.

So what makes a digital experience delightful? According to the report, from the 13 digital experience attributes respondents rated, three key consumer preferences stand out that brands should focus on to improve their digital experience score:

  1. “Be who I am” – respondents want experiences that are dedicated to them as individuals, experiences that appeal to or even predict their preferences, but without infringing on their privacy.
  2. “Engage me” – an engaging digital experience is one that responds to consumers and allows them to interact with and control the experience when needed, triggering an emotional response from the customer, building a stronger connection to the brand.
  3. “Simplify my life” – service that’s simple just works, and consumers expect this from the brands they interact with. A digital experience should be cohesive, integrated and easy and has to fit in with the consumer’s life effortlessly, available anytime, anywhere.

Two of the top-performing organisations analysed in the report were Suncorp Insurance and Kogan.

Suncorp scored positively across 11 of the 13 attributes and had a higher than average percentage of digitally influential customers at 13%.

Kogan scored the highest among consumer-goods retailers, besting eight other large consumer-goods retail players and delivering the third-highest score across industries. The report suggests that Kogan has achieved its leadership standing through a relentless focus on simple and beautiful ways to buy.

Peter Roper

Editor of Marketing and Marketing Mag from 2013 to 2017. Tweets as @pete_arrr.

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