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The immediate ways to improve marketing sustainability that no one is talking about

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The immediate ways to improve marketing sustainability that no one is talking about


Peter Pynta, CEO Neuro-Insight takes a different look at the issue of sustainability in marketing.

Sustainability has been a hot topic this year. Combine this with leaders from the largest holding companies and national advertising associations working together for the Ad Net Zero initiative this year at Cannes Lions, it’s a sign that everyone is moving in one direction.

The carbonisation of media is a very prominent and potentially complex issue for the industry. There are different and more immediate ways to work more sustainably; many of which can be actioned today.  

Precious marketing resources 

Surely the wastage of precious resources will not be tolerated by consumers or organisations much longer. There are hundreds of variables to consider. While advertisers are starting to offset carbon emissions, there are still many inefficiencies embedded in the way advertising campaigns are run. 

For me, the industry needs to master the art of minimising wastage while maximising effectiveness. This performance-driven and more ‘sustainable marketing’ approach could provide the most impact.

Ever more complex challenges require like-minded solutions

The pressure to drive ROI while accelerating towards net-zero is on and advertisers can’t spend their budget the same way they did last year. Using the same old media and creative metrics won’t be the solution. While the industry has gradually evolved from a spray and pray approach, many advertisers still only test the effectiveness of campaigns after it hits the market. 

A minor edit, a single frame, a frozen moment can be pin-pointed and creatively optimised to produce a 140 percent improvement in ROI using neuroscience. Isn’t that the business case for sustainability in action? Protection of precious marketing resources is within our grasp. Without having a real chance to be creatively optimised. How many of the industry’s great ideas and campaigns have never really reached full potential before being thrown out?

Growing brands often involves using strong brand assets with longevity. At any point in the campaign cycle, neuro-literate marketers can improve ROI by measuring the impact on the subconscious human brain. This is now the driver of over 90 percent of human processing and choice.

Not all reach is created equal

If effectiveness isn’t rigorously measured before launch or during a campaign, then waste can’t be eliminated. Superior media strategy and investment can also minimise wastage by identifying impact linked to real-world sales.  Ensure your campaign is encoded into long-term memory by driving associated emotional impact. The outdoor industry has very successfully integrated the Neuro Impact Factor into MOVE over a year for this very reason.

Advertisers are deploying best practice in both media and message to impact the human brain. Principles that align strongly with the proven performance of building mental availability and the evidence of neuroscience.

Don’t just throw your assets away

If a campaign isn’t performing, the creative might not have reached its full potential yet. Seemingly subtle elements can yield big payback. Using advanced technology and elements of neuroscience, marketers can pinpoint the exact moments in a campaign in which the emotional intensity is highest. Marketers can then move the brand messaging accordingly to deliver a higher ROI.

Experienced researchers can also hone in on those creative ‘power moments’ and repurpose them across other media channels. They have also learnt that adding contextually relevant, small adjustments to an advertising campaign with strong brand cues can improve effectiveness. 

Accelerate our learning to accelerate to net-zero

It’s important to respect the creative energy and carbon emissions that go into getting people together at a location, bringing an idea to life, and delivering it to consumers. Correctly evaluate and measure the effectiveness of a campaign more accurately before launch and throughout its entire lifetime. If this is done, we can find more creative optimisation opportunities and throw fewer ideas away. If we can achieve this across both media and creative, the reduction in carbon footprint and wasted budget/resources across campaigns will benefit us all.


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