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How many of your employees would recommend working at your company?

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How many of your employees would recommend working at your company?


Only 29% of Asia Pacific information workers view themselves as ‘engaged employees’, according to Forrester Research’s Forrsights Workforce Employee Q4 2013 Survey.

Forrester Research defines ‘engaged employees’ as ‘information workers who are likely to stay at their company for the foreseeable future, recommend their company’s products to friends/family members and would recommend a job at their company to a friend/family member’.

India holds the highest percentage of engaged employees at 42%, while Japan holds the lowest at 10%. Singapore is second from bottom at 17% compared to the regional average at 29%. 

Forrester Engaged Employees

Respondents were asked to evaluate statements such as “I love my job”, “It’s clear to me how my work contributes to my company’s overall success”, and “I feel recognised for the effort I put in”. For example, only 14% of Japanese info workers feel like they are recognised for the effort they put in, compared to 52% in China and 61% in India.

Overall, Forrester found that employees who are engaged are more likely to agree that they “feel recognised for their efforts put in” and “feel challenged at work every day” compared to those who are not engaged.



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