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‘Less stuff, more stories’: RedBalloon’s experiential Christmas campaign

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‘Less stuff, more stories’: RedBalloon’s experiential Christmas campaign


RedBalloon bucks traditional Christmas materialism with a campaign about experience-based giving.

The company, which considers itself “Australia’s largest experience marketplace”, is encouraging Aussies to create memorable moments that will last a lifetime with the gift of a RedBalloon package. 

With the help of BMF, the integrated campaign ‘Meaningful Memories’ will roll out across OOH, BVOD, social, digital and PR.

‘Meaningful Memories’ hero video

The sensorial hero video begins with an older woman running her fingers over black and white photographs. She explains that they depict her “most treasured memory” of sailing across Sydney Harbour on her own. The reminiscing transports her, as a sea breeze literally blows off the page and through her grey hair. She wipes a tear away recounting how her brother made her believe in her own capabilities.

“Every time I went sailing, it was that same amazing feeling, thanks to my brother.”

At this point, the voiceover chimes in: “This Christmas, give a gift that will last a lifetime with RedBalloon”.

The ad pulls viewers into the experience, tugs on heartstrings and appeals to their sense of nostalgia and human connection all at once. 

“As we enter the holiday shopping season, we wanted to remind Aussies that an experience-based gift with RedBalloon won’t just create smiles on Christmas morning, but also memories that will last a lifetime,” says RedBalloon’s brand manager, Timothy Harrison. 

‘Meaningful Memories’ sticks to RedBalloon’s tagline – ‘Enrich life’s story with amazing experiences’ – at the same time as it does BMF’s: ‘Long ideas in a world of short-term thinking’.


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