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7 key take-aways from Brian Solis’ report on digital transformation


7 key take-aways from Brian Solis’ report on digital transformation


Altimeter Group, the research and advisory firm of which well-known digital analyst, keynote speaker, and bestselling author Brian Solis is principal, has released a new report on digital transformation.

Rather than tackling enterprise-wide transformation with a focus on technology investment, the report takes the consumer angle, the quest to understand how disruptive technology affects the customer experience.

In case you are wondering, the definition Altimeter uses for ‘digital transformation’ is this: “The re-alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.”

Here are seven key take-aways from the report:

1. Social, mobile, real-time, and other disruptive technologies are aligning to necessitate bigger changes than initially anticipated.

2. Digital transformation is quickly becoming a priority for many leading organisations.

3. Mapping and understanding the customer experience is becoming critical in guiding transformation efforts.

4. While gaining momentum, digital transformation as a formal process is still in its infancy.

5. Digital transformation is driven partly by technology and also by the evolution of customer behaviour.

6. Three key elements form the compound upon which digital transformation efforts are built:

  • It is most effective with pointed vision and supportive leadership,
  • optimising the digital customer experience becomes the initial objective, and
  • change materialises through the formation of a digital transformation team.


7. A list of best practices will serve as a checklist to help strategists take the next steps to beginning digital transformation or optimising current efforts.


The full report can be downloaded from Altimeter Group’s website here.



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