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Apple masterclass in building pre-event buzz


Apple masterclass in building pre-event buzz


With under 24 hours to go until Apple’s ‘It’s almost here’ event, where the new iPhone 5 is expected to be launched, it seems the city of San Francisco, the media, and the internet as a whole are ready to party.

Apple is typically tight-lipped in the lead up to this announcement, with no official responses to the multitudinous rumours that circulate before major product announcements, allowing the discussion to become even more varied and hysterical to consumers inside and out the brand’s loyal following, as well as commentators from the tech to business media.

Apple iPhone 5 launch teaser

Therefore the buzz is largely self-perpetuating – or at least appears to be from the outside – with Apple content to tease tech-watchers with even the announcement of the announcement (right) giving away the minimal-required information, and lighting up the venue in the days leading up to the event (below).

Marketing‘s sister publication Macworld Australia was sent the below images by Matthew Mikaelian of IDG Global Solutions. They show the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in stunning colours, where Apple CEO Tim Cook will soon take to the stage for the official announcements.

apple iphone 5 event 1

apple iphone 5 event 2

apple iphone 5 event 3

apple iphone 5 event 4

Images: Matthew Mikaelian


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