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Athlete’s Foot launches major rebrand and ‘MyFit’ campaign


Athlete’s Foot launches major rebrand and ‘MyFit’ campaign


The Athlete’s Foot has launched its first brand advertising campaign in more than five years to support a major rebrand.

The franchised footwear retailer’s brand repositioning includes rolling out a new store look and feel, rebranding existing fitting technology, proprietary product releases and a new digital presence.

TAF_master_logo_horizontal_CMYK_CThe primary reason for the rebrand was the fact that consumers have changed, says head of marketing Caroline Squire. “The way that the consumer exercises has changed very much, particularly in the last five years.

“There’s been a massive shift from team-based sports to individual-based sports and I think that’s a case of people’s lifestyles changing, having less time to actually commit to teams, and really taking ownership of their exercise.”

The advent of technology plays a part, too. “Individuals are becoming their own coaches,” Squire continues.

The brand campaign was created by 14Forty with strategic brand positioning and redesign work from RE and media buying support via initiative and appears on TV, YouTube and social media, with refreshed stores as well.

“Over the last 20 years The Athlete’s Foot has evolved has evolved and expanded and contracted in what it offers – from a product perspective – to match consumer trends,” she says.

Approximately eight or nine years ago the brand expanded horizontally and brought in a wider range of products. “In the research, we went through, it kind of confused the customer about what The Athlete’s Foot really stood for.

“Part of the rebrand was to really clearly define what we wanted to be.”


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