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More than a buzzword: Cindy Gallop joins Pinterest to right the gender ratio


More than a buzzword: Cindy Gallop joins Pinterest to right the gender ratio


Cindy Gallop has partnered with Pinterest for the ‘Right the Ratio’ campaign to encourage hiring parity in advertising and technology.

Gallop chose to partner with Pinterest due to the fact that more than 80% of its users are women, and it has a high ratio of female employees.

In the campaign, she attacks the argument that hiring for diversity means sacrificing standards. “Diversity raises the fucking bar,” she says. The most notable recent example would be Google engineer James Damore, who’s since been fired for the claim.

“You believe that the only people capable of creating great work are white men, and bringing women in makes it shit?” AdAge reports her saying in response to Damore’s.




“I’m very pleased that I’m talking to Pinterest” she says.

“You are utterly unique, you are a tech unicorn that has been built on women. You are a platform that women have embraced as their own in a really unique way, and within you, you contain multitudes of the female lens of creativity,” she continues.

“While women make up 46% of the advertising industry, only 11% of creative directors are women,” says ‘Helping creatives right the ratio’, a Pinterest blog post. “Our ‘Right the Ratio’ campaign, created in partnership with digital agency Grow, encourages the next generation of female creatives to seek leadership roles, arming them with practical advice from women who have already blazed the trail.”

Others to join the campaign include Nazanin Rafsanjani, creative director at Gimlet Media, and Katie Facada, associate creative director at R/GA.




Pinterest is also partnering with Working Not Working, a global community connecting creative talent with companies for freelance and full-time work. The partnership includes a ‘Right the Ratio’ featured list of female talent for prospective employers, co-branded events, custom content and more.

A consultant and former ad agency executive, Cindy Gallop is founder and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, and was named Advertising Woman of the year in 2003. In late 2015, she spoke with Marketing ahead of her appearance at the Wired for Wonder conference event.

Feature image copyright: scyther5 / 123RF Stock Photo

Campaign image credit: Pinterest


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