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Cadbury launches new ad for bigger bars


Cadbury launches new ad for bigger bars


Cadbury have launched the latest addition to their Cadbury Dairy Milk Joyville campaign which focuses on their new range of larger chocolate bars.

The 30 second spot was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, the campaign will also include online, in-store and out of home ads.

Marketing spoke to Cadbury’s GM of marketing chocolate, Ben Wicks, last month about the campaign itself, which focuses on the introduction of new rounder-shaped chocolate pieces, the inclusion of whole nuts in all nut varieties, bigger packets, and a new resealable pack.

The changes are the most significant Cadbury Dairy Milk has make to its product in 123 years.

“We’re always thinking, ‘how do we offer a better experience to our customers?’, so in the dialogue that we have, we introduced to them, around 18 months ago, this rounder, more generous shaped piece, and they responded really positively too it,” Wicks says on the changes.

Wicks also explains that Cadbury’s ‘Joyville’ will continue to feature in its advertising for a while to come.

“If you think about the Joyville campaign, it’s a bit like a book. So far there has been half a dozen chapters [and] there will be a new chapter from Joyville that celebrates these changes that we are making.




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