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Coach the coach: The importance of mentorship and guidance


Coach the coach: The importance of mentorship and guidance


A coach is someone who helps people achieve their goals faster and become or maintain a ‘number one’ status. Elite performers see the value their coach brings to their craft. In business, coaches can come in a range of different roles as long as the role involves helping others to gain and create insights that transform their performance.

Being a coach puts someone in a position of advice and counsel. They are looked upon to be the teacher and act as a role model. However, it’s important for all of us to have role models even coaches themselves. Someone that can help us be the best we can be and listen to our concerns and set us on the right path.

Continuous learning is important in all occupations and just because a role requires someone to guide and teach doesn’t mean that the teacher can’t be guided also. The following ways are top attributes of a coach and how they can ultimately strengthen the leadership capabilities of a coach:

Accountability. In order for any of us to keep improving and achieving results, accountability is paramount. Taking responsibility for our own actions keeps us focused and driven. When you tell a coach what you would like to improve on and how you aim to achieve that you have someone else who can remind you of those goals and keep you on track.

Criticism. A coach is there to give you feedback and constructive criticism. Sometimes the only way we can see our own flaws and correct them is to hear them from someone else and that someone else needs to understand our position and business. Your coach should be someone who is experienced in your field and understands the complex nature of what you’re dealing with. A coach is there to see you be at your full potential so you can trust their criticism is warranted and valuable.

Listens. Even coaches need someone at times who they can talk to and who can listen without prejudice. Everybody needs time to focus on themselves to reflect and recharge and by conversing with someone who understands your needs, wants and responsibilities you will find that you will have more clarity, and clarity is the backbone to any successful business.

Even people in a position of coaching don’t have to go it alone, they too can be coached. All good coaches know the benefits of having a coach. Coaches themselves should also reap the benefits of good coaching.

Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett is one of the leading female voices commenting on sales today. An experienced business speaker and adviser, facilitator, sales coach, training provider and entrepreneur and founder of Barrett Consulting, which provides sales assessments, sales consulting, sales coaching and sales training programs. Visit Barrett Consulting's website, Facebook page, or follow @SueBarrett on Twitter.

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