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Coca-Cola unveils new-look ‘one brand’ packaging design for Australia


Coca-Cola unveils new-look ‘one brand’ packaging design for Australia


Coca-Cola is launching its new design system across the Coca-Cola product range in Australia.

In what it’s calling the single biggest change to its family of products in its 130-year history, Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched the process of uniting all Coca-Cola brands under the one-brand system The Coca-Cola Company announced last year.

Based around the brand’s historic red disc, the new visual system will be shared not only across all media, but on all products and packaging world wide.

This recent news marks the start of the Australian launch of the global move the company announced in April 2016, in which the red disc device would appear on packaging for Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coke with Stevia (formerly Coke Life).

Images of this latest update look slightly different to those revealed last year. The red disc and logotype are smaller.

“The red disc, which has become synonymous with the brand, first appeared in the 1930s and became the inspiration behind the biggest redesign in Coke’s history,” says James Somerville, vice president of global design at The Coca-Cola Company.

“This new approach becomes a global design language that utilises the red disc icon to present the range in a contemporary and simple way.”

Lisa Winn, marketing director for Coca-Cola South Pacific says, “over the years with the launch of Diet Coke and other varieties like Coke Zero we have drifted away from ‘Coca-Cola red.’

“We realised we were in danger of losing our iconic colour in a sea of other colours like silver, black and green and we knew we needed to reclaim it as an icon of our brand,” she says.

From 6 February onwards, Coke’s range will feature the ‘rising sun’ red disc and a splash of their existing signature colours – black for Zero, silver for Diet and green for Stevia.

New taglines are added to the graphics, they are:

  • Coca-Cola Classic, ‘since 1886,’
  • Zero, ‘real taste, sugar free,’
  • Stevia, ‘real taste, 50% less sugar,’ and
  • Diet, ‘light taste, sugar free.’


“Under one brand you will no longer see distinct brand campaigns for each of the variants. Rather, all advertising will feature Coca-Cola products equally enabling consumers to an informed choice on the Coca-Cola that suites their taste, lifestyle and diet,” says Winn.

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