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Introducing: The Identity Issue of Marketing Mag


Introducing: The Identity Issue of Marketing Mag


Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of its October-November 2016 issue, The Identity Issue. It’s 100 pages of fascinating, insightful stories from brands, marketers, thought-leaders and our dedicated editorial team. The issue is now on its way to subscribers and newsstands. Subscriptions and single-issue copies can be purchased online.

identity issue cover 300In The Identity Issue we:

… Explore marketing governance – what it is, why you need it and why it’s critical to the status of marketing as a profession.

… Discover how the runaway international success of the Luke Mangan empire was formalised into a unified global brand.

… Witness how Sydney Opera House and Interbrand Australia collaborated on the creation of an internationally acclaimed sculptural type for the historic venue’s brand, and consider the choice between brand evolution and revolution, with the recent update of the UK’s Tate Modern, and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation as feature examples.

… Go behind the scenes of three case studies: how Re drove the Uniting Care rebrand, Traffic’s role in Hodges Real Estate’s new look, and how Frost Collective helped revamp North Sydney Council’s identity.

… Hear from our content partners: Meltwater on how to monitor brand in the online world, Pegasystem’s four uncomfortable truths about digital brand identity, Forrester and how ethical privacy practice will be the next source of differentiation, UnLtd on harnessing identity to create social impact and SSI plays a little word association game with the identities of five Australian TV chefs.

… Brush up on our segmentation skills with Experian’s Karena West.

… Hear from our columnists: Steve Sammartino on the cognitive dissonance putting brands at risks, Jac Phillips on sweating the small details of Bank of Melbourne’s personality, Sergio Brodsky on the act relation between self-identification, brand behaviour and boycotting, and Mark Ritson’s solution for the attribution question.


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