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Google launches a AR-powered shopping tool

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Google launches a AR-powered shopping tool


As the AR technology starts dominating the meta space, Google has launched a new AR-powered shopping tool that will allow buyers to see the shoes they’re looking at from a 360 degree view. 

This is a similar tool that shoppers use for home goods, allowing users to fit a couch in their space or objects to see the dimensions of the product. 

Instead, this tool will allow buyers to spin, zoom, see the shoes around them and decide if the style, colour, laces, platform, heels of the shoe fits the buyer’s style. One thing that buyers cannot do, is try the shoes on. 

Brands in partnership with Google are Saucony, VANS and Merrell and Google has stated that any brand with 3D assets can join the crew for their shoes to be shown in AR.

The operator said that shoppers will be able to engage with 3D imagery 50 percent more than with static images highlighting it as a huge opportunity for brands.  The tech giant also said that it will invest in new software that will allow brands and retailers to create 3D models with only a few static images – no need for the hundreds. 

Get the right shade of foundation as Google includes the beauty industry in its AR tool

That’s right – no need to stress about getting your foundation colour wrong as Google optimises its service to the beauty industry. Google has announced that a skin tone-matching feature will make it easier for shoppers finding the right shade of foundation.

So how will this work?

Google has worked with multiple beauty brands and created a cloud that has over 140 models representing a “diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and skin types.”

Shoppers will be able to use this feature by searching for a foundation on Google and view what it may look like on models with a similar skin tone. Pictures of their before and after will allow the user to pick a retailer to buy the foundation from. 

This is really changing the makeup game when it comes to buying online as 60 percent of buyers have decided to not purchase a beauty product online as they did not know what shade they were. Following this, 41 percent have said they decided to return an item as it was the wrong shade. 



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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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