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Google integrates forums into search results


Google integrates forums into search results


Google has begun tweaking its search listings to include forums and discussions to incorporate the growing influence of social media.

These posts appear as an indent under the primary result with the date of each post on Google’s results page, so a search posing the question ‘getting from Rome to Florence’ will return a list of relevant discussions on various ways to get between these cities.

The search engine’s results page will surface discussions and forums on sites that tend to have a large number of posts on a specific topic.

“We hope this feature gives you a deeper view into the relevant content available on sites throughout the web – even when that content spans multiple pages or discussions. At the same time, the main search results are diverse as always – so if you can’t pinpoint a useful comment theres a list of relevant sites there to help,” Google explained on its official blog.

The search engine hasn’t indicated when this will become available on its Australian site.

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