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Infographic: The state of OOH advertising in Australia


Infographic: The state of OOH advertising in Australia


Marketing takes a look at the state of the out-of-home advertising industry in Australia, with this infographic detailing the medium’s growth, which areas are on the rise, and who the big players are in the space.

You can also read Marketing‘s investigation into the factors at play in OOH’s continuing growth (hint: MOVE is but one) by clicking here. Here’s an excerpt:

Before the introduction of MOVE in February 2010, audience measurement in OOH advertising lacked confidence, and centred on the size of audience with the opportunity to see a particular advertising face, regardless of whether or not they actually saw it.

MOVE introduced ‘Likelihood to See’ as Australia’s new audience measurement currency for OOH.

Derived by applying a visibility index – including factors such as lighting, size and the speed at which traffic passes – to the audience’s opportunity to see an advertising face, Likelihood to See measures only the audience that will probably see the advertising message.

While most media channels bounced back from the gloom of 2009 to post positive growth in 2010, OOH again posted a healthy 3.4% increase in revenue for 2011 to reach $494 million. According to the Standard Media Index, which aggregates the spends of selected major media agencies, increase in OOH spend was second only to digital last year, followed by radio and television in the black, while newspapers and magazines suffered double-digit falls.

With the OOH industry in the midst of a rather purple patch, the question is raised: how big a part has MOVE played in that? Click here for the full article.


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OOH Infographic


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