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McDonald’s TrackMyMacca’s app: GPS + data + augmented reality


McDonald’s TrackMyMacca’s app: GPS + data + augmented reality


Ever wanted to take a virtual journey into where the specific hamburger you are devouring emanates from? Now you can, with a ‘behind the scenes’ app from McDonald’s that transports you to the cattle farm, pickle ranch or waterway from which the ingredients in your burger were sourced.

Developed as a world-first, the aptly titled TrackMyMacca’s app scans the packaging of your burger, fries or other product, and in an impressively-transparent use of the company’s supply-chain data it presents the origins of the ingredients based on the user’s location. Presented through animated augmented reality, the app aims to deliver information about McDonald’s food in a ‘fun and interactive way’.

DDB Australia’s creative director, Nick Pringle, says of the project that involves specially-printed packaging: “When a project involves changing more than 150 million pieces of packaging, you know it’s going to have an impact.”

McDonald’s is clearly attempting to fight back against critics and the perception that the ingredients used to construct their meals are of an average standard and indeterminate origin. It is another attempt from the fast food chain to be seen to be more socially responsible and nutrition-conscious.

McDonald’s Australia’s chief marketing officer, Mark Lollback, adds: “As a business we’re incredibly proud that over 90% of our food and packaging needs are met right here in Australia. This app is another way for us to share this with our customers, putting them in the driving seat and allowing them to see for themselves where our food comes from and what happens on its way to their plate.”

Any Australian with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch can now use the app. TrackMyMacca’s will work on select menu items in all stores across Australia from 16 January until 30 June 2013.



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