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PlayersVoice and Headspace tackle mental health awareness with athlete stories


PlayersVoice and Headspace tackle mental health awareness with athlete stories


PlayersVoice and Headspace have launched their latest campaign to spread awareness for young men suffering from mental health issues.

Starring seven Australian athletes discussing their battles with mental health, the new campaign, ‘Headcoach’, is designed to provide young men with advice on maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

Featuring sporting stars Tom Boyd, Kurtley Beale, James Tedesco and more, the campaign aims to highlight the seriousness of depression and anxiety by exploring the stories of athletes who have suffered in the past.

“Every week athletes face unimaginable pressure, performing in front of thousands under great expectation from the media and fans alike,” says commercial director for PlayersVoice, Adam Ireland. “With their every move under scrutiny they need to develop robust coping mechanisms.”

Simone Williams, executive director of strategic communications and marketing at headspace says, “It was crucial for us to get cut through with young men as they are a group who can struggle to maintain their mental health.



According to PlayersVoice and Headspace, one in seven young men between the ages of 16 and 24 in Australia suffer from depression or anxiety each year, however only 13% seek help. Research conducted by Headspace found that men understood the importance of maintaining physical health, but did not place the same emphasis on mental health and wellbeing.

“They often don’t know where to start or what they should do,” continues Williams. “By bringing together elite athletes to share tips and advice about their own experience, we are able to help young men understand that training their minds is just as important as training their bodies.”

PlayersVoice being a platform for athlete generated content, Ireland comments on the agency’s role in the campaign, “Too often ‘authentic storytelling’ is seen and talked about as an easily attained commodity.

“The headspace campaign is a great example of connecting this trust with a brand’s campaign objectives in a very genuine way.

“Elite athletes have tremendous influence when matched effectively with brands. It’s an exciting time for brands and athletes to be creating content together.”

See more of Headspace’s work on Headcoach.


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