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Online shopping is most popular in entertainment and hospitality – VoC insights for the retail sector


Online shopping is most popular in entertainment and hospitality – VoC insights for the retail sector


Marketing has teamed up with Research Now SSI to deliver key insights into customer purchasing habits in the retail sector.

Marketing SSI retail cover 200In the second edition of the ‘2018 Voice of Industry Series Australia and New Zealand’, Marketing and Research Now SSI are bringing you industry specific Voice-of-Customer survey results focusing on the retail sector.

Surveying 1000 people in Australia and 600 people in New Zealand, the whitepaper explores customers’ attitudes toward in-store versus online buying, loyalty programs, purchasing influences, brand allegiance and much more.

For Australian fashion and footwear shoppers aged 18-44, the whitepaper found online and in-store research popularity roughly equal at 37% and 39% (respectively). In the groceries and liquor category, customers aged over 45 were the only demographic that preferred researching their shopping with catalogues rather than going online.

Price was consistently the dominant factor in the purchasing across categories and countries. At its peak, homewares and furniture shoppers of New Zealand valued price the highest at 56%, while for Australians shopping for entertainment, hospitality and activities price only occupied 41% of the purchasing decision.

Savings focused loyalty programs appeared to be the most popular in both Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, 67% of respondents identified points/rewards as the most valuable component of loyalty programs. Member discounts followed at 47%, freebies at 34%, exclusive offers at 29% and VIP events at 7%.

Online versus in-store purchasing varied widely over the Australian retail sector. 36% of respondents prefer making entertainment, hospitality and activity purchases online, the most popular for online in the industry and the least popular for in-store purchasing at 43%.

In-store purchasing was most popular among grocery and liquor shoppers at 79%, with only 11% of consumers doing their weekly shop online.

To see a more in depth exploration of how customers interact with the retail sector in Australia and New Zealand, download the free whitepaper today »


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