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Thankyou’s latest guarantee: free box of Huggies to unsatisfied customers


Thankyou’s latest guarantee: free box of Huggies to unsatisfied customers


Thankyou is so confident in its nappies that it is offering competing Huggies diapers to unsatisfied parents.

In the latest spin on the ‘money-back guarantee’, Thankyou has promised unsatisfied parents a box of Huggies diapers to replace its own product. The campaign’s tagline is ‘We’ll get you through the night *even if we have to send you a box of Huggies.’

“You could call it a win-win”, writes Thankyou in an open letter to “Aussie parents with kids in nappies”. The brand is promising parents compensation for the “massive risk” of trialling new diapers on their child. Displeased parents must simply provide evidence of a receipt and offer some feedback, and Thankyou will home-deliver a box of its competitor’s product.

“Businesses have ‘de-risked’ products for years through a money-back guarantee,” says Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn. “This is the evolution of that strategy, one that offers a solution beyond just refunding money to show how deeply we care about giving people the best products, even if that means sending them another brand.”

Thankyou says independent research shows that the majority of parents introduced to Thankyou nappies would switch to the product, however only 8% of parents have tried it. “Which means 92% of you haven’t tried one of the best nappies on the market” says Thankyou.

“There’s an awkward tension in the office at the moment – some think Huggies will take it as a compliment, others aren’t so sure,” continues Flynn. “They were chosen on their merits; because they’re the current market leader. So we hope the compliment doesn’t get lost in translation.”

Thankyou launched in 2013 as a not-for-profit selling bottled water, raising funds to fight the ‘World Water Crisis’. Five years later, it now stocks over 55 products in dedicated storefronts and all major supermarkets (after being pressured by social media and helicopter banners), dedicating 100% profit to to foreign aid projects, reporting a donation of $5.8 million thus far.

The offer will run from 16 April to the end of May 2018.


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Josh Loh

Josh Loh is assistant editor at MarketingMag.com.au

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