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Ovira makes a stand in New York’s Times Square

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Ovira makes a stand in New York’s Times Square


It’s the controversial case that has made headlines around the world. When the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs Wade case, people took to the streets. Brands made promises to protect employees. Joining the conversation, local business Ovira chose Time Square toe send a message, and to make some noise.

The team behind Ovira, a period pain device, certainly aren’t strangers when it comes to making a stand. Last year the brand ran mobile billboards outside Knox Grammar in Sydney in the wake of controversial comments made by a judge.

This year, Ovira took it a step further. After the Roe vs Wade case was overturned, Ovira went bigger than ever. Taking out a digital billboard in Times Square, the Australian company used only seven words to create buzz: 

land of the free (excluding uteruses)

It’s a simple yet powerful message to send. 

Brands taking a stand

Ovira isn’t the first brand to take a stand against the case, which will see abortion become illegal in nearly 50 percent of US states. Many other businesses, including Melbourne-based frank body, have said that it will have support in place for those needing to cross state lines for safe medical procedures. 

Although it could be seen as a risky move to make such a bold statement, it’s working. Brands all over are being hailed for taking a stand, providing safety, and looking out for public health. 

Ovira is continuing its journey from becoming a period pain device into becoming a safe space and educational platform. Alice Williams, the founder of Ovira, has account garnered over a million followers in six months on TikTok. The reason? The content plan changed and became a place that educated users. The focus is sex, menstruation, and women’s health. It’s been a bold strategy that is working, as the business is no longer a single use device, but becoming a part of a movement.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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