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Plum Guide’s latest campaign scares consumers into booking a holiday

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Plum Guide’s latest campaign scares consumers into booking a holiday


Stats we don’t want to hear: how many holidays we have left. But it’s the stat that travel brand Plum Guide has gone with. And, it’s set to scare consumers into booking their next holiday.

Plum Guide is a travel brand much like Airbnb. As the travel industry took a hard hit in the pandemic, Plum Guide has taken a rather unorthodox approach getting people back to travel. The brand has launched a campaign with the simple copy:

If you’re 38, you have about 42 holidays left.

The OOH campaign is full of simple stats that explain how many holidays you’ll have left based on different ages. Displayed throughout London’s Underground stations, all of the collateral is complete by the business’s tagline “No time for average stays.” 

It’s an interesting and effective campaign as it plays on our intrinsic fear of missing out (FOMO). The numbers are truly unnerving as well. If you’re 38, you have 42 holidays. If you’re 52, this number has been whittled down to 28.

The bold strategy to scare consumers into booking

Plum Guide’s website is stacked full of incredible images. Enough to make any holidayer jealous or start planning their next trip. However, the brand made the bold decision to not use the high end imagery. The images that look straight from a Pinterest board of dream destinations. Instead, the decision was made to use a bold yellow with black font. With no real hint as to what Plum Guide does, the campaign instead uses people’s desire to travel. And to not miss out.


Ali Lowry, chief brand officer at Plum Guide, spoke about the campaign. 

“Holiday disappointment is too real. Sixty percent of customers feel let down with their choice of holiday accommodation. Our new campaign is a punchy reminder to make every holiday count. Who knows? It could be your last,” says Lowry.

The point of the campaign isn’t to make people ponder mortality. Instead, visit Plum Guide, which claims to remove “holiday disappointment”, and book your next holiday. 

It’s a bold strategy, but it seems to be working.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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