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Take a swing in the McDonald’s Golden Arches

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Take a swing in the McDonald’s Golden Arches

McDonalds 2

One of the most recognisable symbols around the world, McDonald’s Golden Arches have been brought to life. The installation has popped up on one of Dubai’s beaches. 

In a new campaign by the fast food giant, McDonald’s has brought the Golden Arches physically alive. And, this time, the arches have a function – a swing. In an effort to spread joy and promote togetherness across the UAE, the bright logos have been popping up around the region.

From Media City to Internet City and even Kite Beach, the swings are allowing residents to enjoy some playtime. Take time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Designed by Studio M in a creative thought up by Leo Burnett, Swings taps into a nostalgia.

“With this creative work, we aimed to bring back the joy of childhood to UAE residents,” says McDonald’s UAE CEO Walid Fakih. “We always strive to make feel-good moments easy for everyone. At McDonald’s, we always strive to make feel-good moments easy for everyone, and remain committed to making real connections.” 

The Golden Arches’ Swings 


The pop-ups are a reminder that sometimes physical ads can be the most powerful. Engaging with the logo itself and giving an opportunity for consumers to create content in the logo. 

Not only is it engaging with the consumer, but leaning into a childhood nostalgia will create an emotional connection.

“We all have childhood memories of McDonald’s. The swings help us to recall our delightful childhood joys, both in memory and action,” says Kalpesh Patankar, chief creative officer at Leo Burnett UAE. 

The Golden Arches sitting on the horizon of a beach is a powerful image. The reminder of the “joy of play” after the last two years is timely. As people leave their houses again and go back to the simple joys, McDonald’s is able to provide a place to rejoin outside play.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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