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Social media impact – The Hunger Games


Social media impact – The Hunger Games


Digital audience profiling firm, Effective Measure, has analysed viral marketing, word of mouth and social media surrounding recent cinema release The Hunger Games and how it created buzz and consumer anticipation, creating the below infographic to illustrate it.

The survey found that with 58% of respondents either having watch or planning to watch the film, 38% said that their anticipation to watch is attributed to the opinion of their close friends, while 20% attributed their excitement to Facebook.

Key to the findings were that, firstly, opinions of peer groups is strongly trusted, as 26% of respondents recommended and shared their opinions of the film. Secondly, Facebook is the preferred social networking site with 20% of people affected by buzz for the film through Facebook, while 10% shared comments or recommendations throughout the site. Finally, 9% of respondents attributed websites outside the major players of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as sources of influence.

Hunger Games



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