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That’s all folks: Rhonda and Ketut wrap up their story once and for all


That’s all folks: Rhonda and Ketut wrap up their story once and for all


Well there you go. Three years, countless stories and a catchphrase that will remain in the Australian vernacular for years to come, AAMI’s Rhonda and Ketut are finally wrapping up their public love story.

Switch Digital is today launching an eBay campaign designed to allow fans to say goodbye to the popular couple and support a worthy cause in the process.

AAMI and eBay, along with Hamish and Andy, will come together to auction Rhonda’s “brake foot bling” shoe and bracelet for charity. In a statement released today Switch Digital said, “The auction will help fans feel they are taking part in the farewell of the characters, and potentially own a piece of pop culture.” All proceeds from the auction will go to Beyond Blue.

Hamish and Andy have produced a video of support and this will go out to their two million social media fans, with eBay promoting the competition from their home page during the 10-day auction period.


Richard Riboni, marketing manager at AAMI said, “We have been proud to work with Rhonda and Ketut over the last three years. A great deal of care was taken to deliver a communications message that was entertaining, relevant and showed respect for our audiences across all media. Hamish and Andy were also a big help in developing loveable advertising characters with identities outside standard advertising formats over this period.”

Josh Richards, managing partner at Switch Digital added in a statement, “We have worked with AAMI and Hamish and Andy for the past three years and have used social media to create rich stories with fans around Rhonda and Ketut that reflect the values of AAMI. We are excited to partner with eBay to support Beyond Blue and give one of the devoted fans out there the opportunity to own a piece of Australia’s favourite love story.”



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