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The top 5 Halloween campaigns doing the rounds on the internet


The top 5 Halloween campaigns doing the rounds on the internet


Halloween is upon us once again whether you fervently ignore it as un-Australian, or you’ve spent the morning painting your face to look like Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

Halloween is another excellent vehicle for agile marketing and for brands to show their spookier side. So in the spirit of the day we have had a snoop around the internet and collected what we think to be a few of the best Halloween advertisements doing the rounds at the moment.

Crest and Oral B

A day dedicated to collecting candy from strangers seems an odd choice for a toothpaste brand to incorporate into a TVC but Crest and Oral B toothpaste have shown they’re totally on board with the sugar consumption that happens on Halloween – as long as you finish off the holiday with a solid brush and floss.



Washing detergent brand Tide took to Twitter creating multiple ‘scary’ Vine videos accompanied with ‘scary’ tweets like this one: “Mother gets a little 3psycho about dirty laundry. #Halloween #ScaredStainless.”

Check out the rest of Tide’s Vine videos here.

Lux Germany

Skin care brand Lux have urged customers to “save their skin” this Halloween in a creepy minute long spot.


Pepsi has taken it a step further this year and have created a brand new (fictional) product to help celebrate the scariest day of the year.


Mini USA

And finally, possibly the most scary commercial to come out of this year. Car brand Mini USA have created a terrifying 40 second TVC – bonus points given for the twist at the end.



Happy Halloween all.


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