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Iconic Australian footwear brand Volley launches provocative #grassroots campaign


Iconic Australian footwear brand Volley launches provocative #grassroots campaign


Volley has hit the ground running for Spring-Summer 2016 with provocative new #grassroots campaign.

Iconic Australian footwear brand Volley has revealed raunchy, raw and progressive campaign creative that’s all about celebrating the freedom of sexual expression and an exclamation for change.

The message is as strong as the imagery. “We’re sick of being socially engineered and we shun political correctness,” the copy reads. “We are children of the sun and are comfortable in our own skin, so don’t tell us who to love or how to be.”

The shoot was curated by Ainsley Hutchence, art director of Sticks & Stones, photographed by Marisa Taschke and filmed by Jean Collective.

“I was a little surprised/excited, especially when they told me they wanted to strip back to their roots and promote the celebration of sexual expression, freedom and ‘rooting’ for change,” Hutchence says on the Sticks & Stones website (where you can see the full shoot).

“I remember wearing Volley’s as a kid and never imagined I would be directing a bunch of nudes wearing the brand in the middle of a cold snap in the Australian winter.”

The #grassroots campaign is a reminder of topical issues societies are facing today in terms of acceptance, diversity and sexual expression and serves as a trendsetter in the currentAustralian media landscape.

The brand partnered with condom brand Ansell, providing the campaign with another simple, yet very important piece of message: safety first.






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