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Doritos releases digital chip on Snapchat

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Doritos releases digital chip on Snapchat


Doritos, the classic finger-dirtying corn chip from America, released an augmented reality (AR) snacking experience on Snapchat. Doritos is spreading the word about the return of its popular 3D Crunch snack to Australian shelves. 

The AR activation is a snapchat filter that shows how the 3D Crunch chips take “flavours to another dimension”, quite literally. 

The filter reacts when the user opens their mouth to “eat” the digital chip. 

Can you guess what happens next?

The user’s head opens up into a kaleidoscopic alternate dimension filled with Doritos and the person’s face, of course. 

This activation is sort of like “What It’s Like to Chew Five Gum”. That is, mixed with a little bit of existential body horror. 

Katherine Twomey, marketing manager for Doritos, spoke about the new AR. 

“We’re excited to bring [the 3D Crunch chip] back with a new and improved recipe for a new generation of snackers. 

“We wanted to re-introduce young Aussies to the chip and give them an opportunity to interact with it before they buy it on [the] shelf,” she continues. 

“Snapchat’s AR features were the perfect solution allowing us to introduce the chip in a creative, engaging way and deliciously fun.”

Gen Z on Snapchat

The effectiveness of Snapchat and AR on driving conversions cannot be disputed. Snapchat users, particularly Gen Z, are very interested in using AR to shop. Fifty-four percent of the users surveyed in Snap’s research reported that AR installations such as Doritos’ 3D Crunch experience made them feel more connected to the brand. 

Gareth Leeding, head of creative strategy for Snap APAC, spoke about the new Snap Lens. “We have millions of Snapchatters in Australia, and we see from our community that they’re most engaged with brands when they present unique and fun experiences for them to interact with. 

“This campaign for PepsiCo is a brilliant example of the power of AR to drive both engagement and conversation at scale,” continues Leeding.

The activation is a lot of fun, and exudes Doritos’ brand personality.


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Collin Vogt

Collin Vogt was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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