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Infographic: Connecting with the modern Australian mum

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Infographic: Connecting with the modern Australian mum


Digital creative agency Reborn has partnered with client Lion and online mothers forum Mouths of Mums to uncover how brands can better use technology to connect with Mums in 2014.

“Mums in Australia control a massive $132 billion dollars worth of spending, making them a consumer force to be reckoned with. To put this into perspective, if mums were an industry they would be the largest single contributor to the GDP in Australia,” writes Reborn.

“With the power mums yield it is imperative that brands and businesses connect with mums with communications they value, fostering positive brand sentiment, insulating them from price sensitivity at shelf and instilling loyalty.”

Regardless of the age of a child, mums’ reliance on technology is increasingly dominated by their mobile devices.

Check out the inforgraphic based on Reborn’s findings. You can find the full report here.


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