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More brands from various industries are getting into native advertising: Native Advertising Index

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More brands from various industries are getting into native advertising: Native Advertising Index


More than 1040 brands placed native advertising pieces across 100 mostly US-based websites covering diverse interest areas between June and July 2014, according to MediaRadar’s first Native Advertising Index.

Editor’s note: ‘Native advertising’ in this context refers to paid editorial content, often produced by the media outlet, that rarely mentions the brand or a product. The other main use of ‘native advertising’ refers to suggested links surrounding editorial, such as Yahoo’s product (it’s this latter type that’s sometimes discussed as potentially being traded programmatically like display and search advertising).

While the index shows viral websites such as Buzzfeed leading the charge in the use of native advertising, websites covering a variety of other interest areas are also embracing this new form of content creation.

Technology websites are the most active in native advertising, followed by media and entertainment and industry publications.

Brands in the technology sector to have embraced native include Intel, HP, IBM and Acer.

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Advertisers in other industries include (note: it’s US-based research): Westin Hotels and Resorts, Island Style Weddings, Paul Geuguin Cruises, Kahlua, The Skinny Cow, Glidden, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Scion, Old Spice, Haagen Dazs, Ralph Lauren, Cinzano and RiceSelect.

The top 20 categories of brands using native were:

  1. Technology,
  2. media and entertainment,
  3. industry,
  4. travel and leisure,
  5. professional services,
  6. financial and real estate,
  7. retail/wholesale,
  8. automotive,
  9. food,
  10. apparel and accessories,
  11. beer, wine and spirits,
  12. home furnishings,
  13. toiletries and cosmetics,
  14. public service,
  15. beverages (non-alcoholic),
  16. conference/event,
  17. education and training,
  18. athletics,
  19. baby and children,
  20. general conglomerate,
  21. pets, and
  22. hobbies.


MediaRadar listed of the websites to have strongly embraced native advertising, including:

  • BuzzFeed (130 native advertisers),
  • Destination Weddings and Honeymoons (52),
  • Modern Metals (40),
  • Sunset (30),
  • Inhabitat (24),
  • Huffington Post (21),
  • Tasting Table (19),
  • CIO.com (19),
  • Real Simple (18), and
  • District Administration (18).


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