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Twitter upgrades its in-built analytics capabilities with Brand Hub

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Twitter upgrades its in-built analytics capabilities with Brand Hub


Twitter has upgraded its analytics capabilities with a suite called Brand Hub.

Twitter’s new analytics suite Brand Hub is designed to helps advertisers quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation, replacing some of the functions that previously required third-party analytics software, as well as providing functionality available only through Brand Hub.

The three aspects of Brand Hub are ‘audience’, ‘conversation details’ and a proprietary metric called TrueVoice.


The audience view displays high-level insights about the people actively talking about your brand on Twitter, including details about their gender, location, income levels, occupation types, and other key demographic attributes.

It also highlights key influencers Tweeting about a brand.

These details are derived from Twitter data and Twitter Official Partners, and are shown in aggregate.

Conversation details

This report helps understand how people are discussing a brand on Twitter. Brands can see how many impressions a brand receives over time, how many Tweets mention a brand or product, along with the top phrases mentioned in conjunction with the brand.

It also provides breakouts on key topics such as brand loyalty, purchase intent, and more. Companies with sub-brands can further segment data by product or sub-brand.


TrueVoice is a new proprietary metric only available within Brand Hub to help advertisers track their share of conversation in real time.

“Share of conversation empowers marketers to learn more about the conversation happening about their brand on Twitter,” says product manager Andrew Bragdon in a blog post. “In fact, research has shown that Tweets that mention brands have been linked to a direct increase in sales.”

A brand’s TrueVoice is determined by first analysing Tweets about a brand and those about your competitors. Then, the percentage of these impressions your brand owns is identified.

“As consumers see ads about your brand and your competitors on TV, display, and social channels, they send Tweets which are then counted in real time through TrueVoice,” Bragdon says.

Twitter has made Brand Hub available to selected large brand advertisers and medium-sized businesses in English-speaking countries.

Below are some screenshots of the products. Click to enlarge.

Twitter Brand Hub overview

Twitter Brand Hub audience

Twitter Brand Hub conversation details

Peter Roper

Editor of Marketing and Marketing Mag from 2013 to 2017. Tweets as @pete_arrr.

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