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B2B Big Plays: LinkedIn advertising, Navistar discovers up time, Super Bowl ads

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B2B Big Plays: LinkedIn advertising, Navistar discovers up time, Super Bowl ads


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LinkedIn creaming it in with advertising. Pity about the clunky bits.

Global – LinkedIn is smashing ahead with advertising revenue – chances are it will hit the $1 Billion club sooner than later. Right now, they are half way there thanks to the Sponsored Content service. But, there is a catch…

Using LinkedIn advertising services is harder than picking a broken nose, and nearly as painful. All this boom I dare say would accelerate faster with easier to use dashboards, better customer service and a dedicated partner program.

That said, a huge turbo boost is on the way with the integration of Bizo, a company they acquired for $175 million and will give incredible reach across 3,000 professional websites.

But please LinkedIn, make it easier to use!


It’s Uptime! For Navistar, promising their trucks will work?

Global – OK, let me start by giving you a quote for a reason behind the creative by Jean McLaren, president of MARC USA (the creative agency who made this advert).

“We discovered that ‘uptime’ is a key metric the company uses to make sure they are delivering trucks that are really working as hard as they can for their customers.”

This is a bit of a “no s…t Sherlock” moment. Really, that was an insight waiting to be discovered? Please, stop me now.


B2B Super Bowl advertising does us all proud

US – Great work by wix.com with some awesome advertising on the Super Bowl. Using former players who need something in retirement – take to starting up a business and building their own websites with wix.

Smart, funny and slams the message home like a linebacker on roids.


Watch your digital ass(ets)

UK – North Plains have released research that shows less than 50% of marketers have security in place for digital assets.

Mark Finch, general manager EMEA at North Plains, said: “The research bears out what we’ve been hearing from the market some time: organisations may still be overly reliant on email and other processes that simply aren’t designed for or able to provide efficient asset management.”

70% of companies use email to share assets with third parties, 65% use FTPs and 46% use web drives, such as Dropbox.

With hacking on the rise and only to get worse, marketers will need to look at their valuable assets and how they are indeed handled. Yep, one more task for the in-basket!

Kimon Lycos

Kimon Lycos is founder of Mihell & Lycos, a leading business-to-business marketing communications agency, helping companies sell technology and innovation to other companies. He is also an Adjunct Professor with RMIT University. Tweet Kimon: @b2bmarketer, and visit Mihell & Lycos website.

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