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Create a virtual event your audience won’t forget

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Create a virtual event your audience won’t forget


As the pandemic continues across the globe, one of the industries that has been hit the hardest is the event industry. With in-person events coming to a halt, this $211 billion* industry has had to pivot to virtual and hybrid alternatives. Events are unpredictable—pandemic or not—and having the ability to adapt is key.

As marketers have shifted to a virtual platform and ramped up breakout sessions to adjust for smaller virtual group sizes a question that comes to mind is how do you still drive attendance and engagement? Typically, you’re booking event space caterers for networking, breakout coffee sessions, and VIP dinners, but how do you now accommodate a global audience from the comfort of their homes? With Uber Eats, of course.

Ways to provide Uber Eats at your next event

Providing Uber Eats as an incentive gives you the opportunity to drive engagement to your event. Whether you’re offering attendees a morning coffee or picking up the lunch tab, you can use this perk in a variety of settings, tailored to your audience. Here are ways you can use Uber Eats to keep your attendees engaged:

  • At your next round table. Intimate settings give your attendees the opportunity to make connections with their peers. By offering Uber Eats during this time, you create a space for them to talk shop and share best practices over a meal—and a chance for you to make a lasting impression.
  • At your upcoming webinar. For your next webinar, provide Uber Eats as an incentive for people to show up and participate. You’ll be pleased with the customer interactions and the productivity of the event.
  • At your virtual conference. Offering Uber Eats in lieu of networking breakfasts and happy hours can help incentivise attendees to socialise. It also encourages participation in smaller breakout sessions. Plus, offering meals can make a great thank-you gift for your team and speakers for their hard work

A voucher for Uber Eats can be used to let anyone order the meal they actually want while supporting local restaurants. You only pay for the amount of the voucher that’s actually used, so you can make sure your budget can go as far as possible. Using the Uber for Business dashboard, you can create the rides or Uber Eats Vouchers you need at any scale. Make a single voucher for a VIP or upload a CSV and get codes for as many as you need. Vouchers are not only easy to create; they’re also easy to redeem with the tap of their personalised link.

Customers will appreciate the extra touch—especially when paired with personalised interaction.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from Uber Vouchers, contact the Uber for Business team.


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