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The Generation Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its June/July 2017 edition

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The Generation Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its June/July 2017 edition


Marketing is pleased to announce The Generation Issue, our June/July 2017 print magazine edition.

It is with subscribers and on newsstands now, and available for purchase here »

Exploring generation from a number of different points-of-view and angles, we talk demographics and more with our usual in-depth discussions on brands, marketing and platforms.

In The Generation Issue we:

MK0617 cover generation… Ask why marketers and brands are still neglecting the cashed-up and willing to spend on the Baby Boomers.

… Look at the implications of an ageing population and how governments, architects, urban planners and designers are re-imagining the houses and cities of the future to meet new demands.

… Learn how SMEs can turn lead-generation engines into revenue-generation engines.

… Take a first look at a new generation of consumers: Gen Z.

… See how nostalgia is a potentially powerful marketing trigger.

… Learn 11 ways to generate memorable brand experiences.

… Hear from Mark Ritson about why marketers’ fascination with Millennials says more about the marketers than it does the segment.

Marketing thanks its Content Partners Marketo, SSI, UnLtd, Meltwater and Forrester for making The Generation Issue possible.


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Purchase a copy of The Generation Issue now via the Niche Media online shop »

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