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Improve your digital experience: 10 ways to drive conversion and loyalty

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Improve your digital experience: 10 ways to drive conversion and loyalty


This is a sponsored article for Qualtrics to promote the asset, ‘Essential Website Experience Playbook’.


The ‘Essential Website Experience Playbook’, from insights platform Qualtrics, gives 10 practical quick wins for you to drive conversion and loyalty by improving your customer’s digital experience.

There are two critical website elements that matter to marketing leaders:

  1. How can I better understand why visitors behave a certain way on my site, or why they’re there?
  2. How do I drive greater conversion and loyalty?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your visitors’ behaviour and providing targeted experiences can mean the difference between engaged customers and lost business. Qualtrics can show you how to capture feedback from site visitors at key touch points and then use those insights to drive conversion and loyalty.

“90% to 97% of visitors leave websites without becoming customers, providing contact information or otherwise fulfilling the purpose of your site,” Qualtrics explains.

Research suggests that, particularly for retail, the majority of this traffic is largely recoverable. For example, effective site exit or form abandonment surveys, which display when the user has left the site, help you understand the reason why they are leaving, and therefore enable you to make solutions or special offers which may help to convert the customer. A great example of this is when a consumer abandons their shopping cart instead of choosing to make a purchase. There are many reasons why they may not have purchased; perhaps the shipping was too high. You can understand this at their point of exit and perhaps offer free shipping if they purchase in the next hour if that was their reason for the cart abandonment.

Site visitors who feel like they are being heard are more likely to become loyal customers. Their feedback can yield critical insights you need to adjust specific experiences and/or to add valuable features and service options. A feedback link can allow visitors to provide feedback via a survey at any time throughout the experience.

“The sooner you find out that a customer needs help finding a particular product or piece of content, the sooner you can offer to connect them with a representative for specific help.”

Site exit surveys and feedback links are just a couple of ways to drive conversation and loyalty of your website visitors. By downloading this guide you can explore 10 ways to measure and optimise your digital customer experience.


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