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Martech news: Clipp, Hootsuite, Microsoft, AdRoll, Salesforce, Nielsen, Meltwater, One Green Bean, SpotX, Marin

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Martech news: Clipp, Hootsuite, Microsoft, AdRoll, Salesforce, Nielsen, Meltwater, One Green Bean, SpotX, Marin


In this instalment of marketing technology happenings in Australia: cashless payment platform grows, Hootsuite integrates with Microsoft, AdRoll updates algorithm, Salesforce adds predictive journeys, Nielsen brings new advertiser-level tracking to digital advertising, Content Anywhere Cloud comes to Australia, Meltwater users get an app, a couple of influencer platforms are born, programmatic TV is coming and social ads now sync with the TV schedule.

Growth of Australian cashless payment company

Clipp, the Australian iOS and Android app that allows customers to pay retail bills with a smartphone is reporting a 42% increase in transactional revenue since June.

Clipp is now compatible across 16 of the major hospitality POS systems throughout Australia with four additional POS systems to be added by early 2016.

Clipp’s popularity continues to grow with a 160% increase in user numbers in a five-month period driven primarily by word of mouth.

It now reports to be in 600 venues and have 52,000 registered users.

AdRoll updates algorithm

AdRoll has updated its bidding algorithm, BidIQ, with a new release called Chopin, which succeeds Beethoven.

The company reports that the last four months of testing have seen an average increase in click-through-rates of 39% and lowering of CPCs by 35%.

Chopin brings three main new features:

  • ‘Page category modelling’ – allows BidIQ to better understand the digital body language of users as they browse through a site and therefore is able to better retarget them later,
  • ‘Intelligent frequency capping’ – adds in better understanding of ad fatigue to protect the brand and reduce waste, and
  • ‘factorisation machines’ – a machine-learning method that allows consideration of exponentially more variables about a user when calculating a bid, increasing efficiency.

Salesforce announces ‘predictive journeys’

Salesforce has just released Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Journeys, with Predictive Scores and Predictive Audiences, through with marketers will be able to combine CRM and marketing data with contextual data such as web browsing activity and email engagement.

And now, with Predictive Scores and Predictive Audiences, marketers can harness the power of data science to analyse customer engagement and predict the optimal next step in every customer journey.

Predictive Scores leverages data science to create smart profiles that predict each customer’s likelihood to engage, while Predictive Audiences automatically creates customer segments, defining the best audience for any journey.

Hootsuite integrates with Microsoft

Social media management platform Hootsuite has announced a major integration with Microsoft, involving Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and Yammer.

The integration will enable enterprise organisations that run Microsoft to utilise social content across the organisation, including social marketing, social selling, and social customer support.

Nielsen and Pathmatics to enable advertiser-level data across multiple devices

Pathmatics and Nielsen have allied to enable Nielsen to provide Australian marketers with detailed advertiser-level impression data and ad creatives from multiple digital devices.

Nielsen says this new set of data is a crucial step to developing digital ad spend data by advertiser, by device and by day.

The relationship will give the industry more sites, more devices, more flexibility and a better view of digital ad activity and will help media agencies, advertisers and publishers to analyse ad spend, ad impressions and creatives across multiple devices, from multiple ad formats, including pre-roll video.

Content Anywhere Cloud comes to Aus

Software company Progress and tech procurement consultancy Layer8 have partnered to bring the Content Anywhere Cloud to Australian users.

Using Progress’ Telerik Sitefinity and Digital Experience Cloud, operated and managed by Layer8 Connect, Progress says the Platform as a Service (PaaS) will offer, “easy-to-use content management to marketers that can be managed from any device and pushed out through all set channels.”

The platform will be available on Cisco’s Intercloud and sold through Telstra. As a PaaS cloud solution, the Content Anywhere Cloud should greatly reduce data sovereignty issues and provide secure cloud performance.

Meltwater now has an app

Media intelligence platform Meltwater has released a native mobile app, named Meltwater Mobile (pictured above), free for Meltwater clients.

The app can be used to monitor real-time news and social media content as well as gather insights on the go, such as graphs on trending themes, sentiment and media exposure.

It also enables the quick sending of content via text, email or social media directly from the app to stakeholders.

One Green Bean launches social co-creation platform ‘Crowd Atlas’

One Green Bean has launched Crowd Atlas, a content co-creation platform that “redefines” partnerships with social media creators.

The PR/social/content agency says it designed the platform, “to democratise the market by facilitating access to thousands of talented social creators… Crowd Atlas has set out to disrupt the traditional model of brand partnerships with online “influencers” to create measurable, accountable and engaging content.”

Crowd Atlas consists of three components:

  • Verified Influential Network Identifier (VINI): technology developed by One Green Bean that finds suitable influencers for each brief,
  • Social Artist Management (SAM): the agency’s strategic, creative, social and PR people that collaborate with social artists to create content, and
  • Platform Intelligence and Analytics (PIA): insights, analytics, distribution and tracking.

It plays in a similar space to an app launched by radio and TV personality, Jules Lund called Tribe, which is a tech solution that aims to remove the difficulty for brands to identify, collaborate and remunerate influencers for social posts.

Tribe provides brands with access to celebrity and everyday influencers who have built an audience around a particular passion or expertise.

Tribe reports that Reebok, Sony Music, Grill’d, Contiki, Paramount Pictures, Uniqlo, Vinomofo and American Express have already submitted campaigns to be matched with social advocates in beauty, fashion, sport, health, travel and entertainment.

SpotX and Clypd’s industry-first ad sales platform for linear TV

Programmatic video platform SpotX and Clypd have announced the development of a single solution for media owners to manage the sale of all forms of television assets and video inventory.

The pairing of SpotX’s digital video platform and Clypd’s linear TV platform follows the release of ComScore’s Xmedia and Nielsen’s Total Audience metrics that combine TV and digital video audience measurement, which signifies a turning point in the evolution of programmatic TV towards targeted ad serving rather than simply automated booking systems.

Automatically sync social advertising with what’s on TV

Marin Software has teamed up with start-up TVTY to create a new product called TV Sync that automatically activates social ads based around offline events including television ad and program schedules, televised events, weather changes or sporting events.

The software monitors all public channels across the Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC and SBS networks, as well as the weather, then syncs digital campaigns in less than one second to boost reach or to counter brand competitors.

TV Sync has been released across 60 countries including Australia.



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