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Most personalisation is creepy and brands know it – new report

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Most personalisation is creepy and brands know it – new report


A new survey by Inmoment found that 75% of Australians say they find most forms of online personalisation creepy, but only half care enough to do something about it.

In a survey of 500 consumers and 500 brands in Australia, Inmoment’s latest report details when customer personalisation can become too personal.

“Brands have spent a disproportionate amount of effort and budget attempting to acquire new customers in a race for short-term gain,” says Claire Fastier, Australian country manager at InMoment.

The report found that 75% of Australian consumers find most forms of personalisation creepy, with 38% of brands agreeing – saying they find their own strategies “somewhat creepy.”

“The days of treating customers as targets, as one-time transactions, are over. In order to create long-term value, companies must forge authentic bonds – relationships – with customers across touchpoints and time,” continues Fastier.

In response to the severity of ‘creepiness’, the survey found that 49% of Australians do not any take action when personalisation makes them uncomfortable, 22% say they look for other companies or brands, 21% tell their friends, 20% desert the brand entirely and 9% make public complaints on social media.

Respondents describe creepy personalisation as feeling “intrusive and too personal,” being “presumptive about me and my likes” and making “me feel like I’m being watched.”

Fastier comments, “Approaching customers and their data from this perspective allows brands to move beyond generating metrics, to discovering meaning that they can use to improve relationships and successfully steer the business toward better outcomes.”

In broader findings on disconnections in CX, Inmoment’s research also found that brands tend to overestimate their success. Where 80% of brands thought they delivered positive and memorable customer experiences, only 70% of consumers agreed.

Also, while 31% of brands believe their social media content delivers “positive memorable experiences,” only 6.6% of consumers agree.

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Josh Loh

Josh Loh is assistant editor at MarketingMag.com.au

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