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Survey reveals the most recalled ad on Australian TV: none

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Survey reveals the most recalled ad on Australian TV: none


‘No brand/no ad’ has beaten Aldi, Woolworths and Coles as the most recalled ad on TV in a survey.

Magnum Opus Partners’ ‘Awareness Survey’ reveals Australians have trouble remembering ads and brands they see in advertising.

57% of those surveyed could not remember any ads they felt positive about.

The top five results for ‘most recalled brand on TV’ are:

  1. No brand/no ad,
  2. Aldi, Woolworths, Coles,
  3. KMart,
  4. McDonalds, and
  5. Qantas.


The issue doesn’t appear to about disliking ads, with 66% in the survey unable to remember an ad they disliked.

“It’s very obvious from the results that consumers today seem increasingly underwhelmed by the advertising on offer,” says agency director strategy Stephen Yolland.

A big switch in viewers and media spend to online channels is an instrumental factor leading to this ad amnesia.

“We all know that advertising works in different ways,” says Yelland, “and just because an ad or a brand doesn’t come up in an unprompted survey like this as being liked and remembered doesn’t mean it isn’t doing any good.

“It can perform better when people are prompted to recall it, or it can work well when seen or heard in conjunction with other media such as radio, billboards, online, catalogues, or other reminders,” he says.

Examples of memorable ads and brands from previous surveys include the ‘not happy, Jan’ Yellow Pages TV ad and the ‘Which Bank?’ Commonwealth Bank tagline.

The survey had 1500 participants in Australia and was conducted by Th?nk.

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Ben Ice

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