Australian marketers starting to understand customer journey, but budget and data woes still challenge

Australian marketers agree that a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels positively impacts overall customer engagement and revenue growth, but budgetary constraints and difficulty leveraging data from different sources are still posing challenges to creating connected CX.

Results from Salesforce’s fourth annual ‘State of Marketing’ report reveal 68% of marketers in Australia and New Zealand agree that a connected customer journey across all touchpoints positively impacts overall consumer engagement.

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A further 67% agree that connected CX across all channels positively impacts revenue growth.

Globally, 52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalise communications to them, and 65% of business buyers are likely to switch for the same reason, highlighting the importance of personalised CX across both the B2B and B2C space.

‘Budgetary constraints’ were listed as the top challenge in creating connected CX, followed by ‘difficulty leveraging data from different sources,’ and ‘creating a shared, single view of the customer.’


In Australia:

  • 61% of marketers say they’re aligning marketing roles to customer journey strategy,
  • 58% are very satisfied with their collaboration with other departments (eg. sales, service, IT),
  • 60% are very satisfied with their ability to engage customers across channels at scale, and
  • 62% say their tech stack is very effective at increasing productivity.


Globally, high-performance marketers are ahead of the curve in embracing AI technology, with 72% using it now. Overall, 25% of marketers, regardless of performance level, plan to begin using AI within a two-year timeframe. Customer privacy concerns and budgetary constraints are the top-two primary roadblocks marketers face in executing an AI strategy.

In Australia, 59% of marketers use AI, with a further 23% planning to use it within two years. 58% say it’s essential in helping their company create one-to-one marketing across every touchpoint.

The report, which surveyed 3500 marketers the world over and 350 in Australia, defines ‘high performers’ as those who are extremely satisfied with the current outcomes realised as a direct result of their company’s marketing investment. 12% of the survey’s population emerged as high performers.

76% emerged as moderate performers, those who are either ‘very or moderately satisfied’ with the outcomes of their marketing investment, or are extremely satisfied with it but not with their marketing performance compared to their competitors.

The final 12% were underperformers, those who are ‘slightly or not at all satisfied’ with current outcomes realised as a direct result of their company’s marketing investment.

To find out more insights from high performing marketers, as well as how shifting priorities are sparking organisational change, how martech is making waves and how high performers are embracing AI technology, read the full report.





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