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Australians tune out to repeat messages – poll


Australians tune out to repeat messages – poll


Australian is one of the most intolerant countries when it comes to receiving repeat advertising messages, a recent global poll by Marketo has found. 

The survey questioned 2,200 consumers from Australia, America, United Kingdom, France and Germany and found that 66% of all respondents were highly annoyed by repeat advertising messages.

23% of Australians respondents believe they see brand advertising too frequently and 45% want to see advertisements less often.

Results show that Australians want to see advertisements that relate more to their personal preferences. Of those surveyed, 25% of Australians want to see advertising content that better relates to their own individual taste, and 14% want advertisers to tailor content to how they have previously interacted with the brand.

Marketo chief marketing officer, Sanjay Dholakia, says that people expect advertising but have grown tired of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Dholakia says consumers understand the concept of personalised messaging and many are annoyed that they are not seeing more of it.

“It’s encouraging that more than half didn’t choose the ‘less ads’ respons,” Dholakia said.

Push advertisements from mobile apps annoyed Australians the most, with 31% of Australian respondents ranking it as the form of advertising that annoys them the most. TV ads are also a frustration for Australian media consumers, with this type of brand advertising running a close second.

The survey shows that respondents prefer to interact with brands on their own terms. 49% of Australians said that they are most likely to engage with a brand by visiting their website. 23% prefer to follow or engage with brands over social media and a further 21% enjoyed receiving email newsletters.

As the Australian market tunes out to repeat messages, brands are challenged to tune into the needs of their audience.



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