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B2B Big Plays: gimmicks, Google blimps and exceptional corporate speak


B2B Big Plays: gimmicks, Google blimps and exceptional corporate speak


B2B Big Plays features news and events from the planet, and is proudly delivered twice a month by B2B Marketer, Australia’s largest B2B marketing group.

Waste a heap of time and win £200

UK – Ashamed to say, but I’m contributing to the shameless promotion of an app for an online printing company – Solopress. But hey, full marks for these guys trying to inspire some competitive spirit and communicate their core value in a new way.

Am I getting too old and grumpy, thinking that the real target audience might not care? The YouTube video has a disappointing 77 views since May 29.

Pointless gimmick or not – feedback please!


VW gets personal with light commercial customers

EU – Cue music, “You got a friend…” Thanks to your local VW Service Centre, who will drop everything to help you keep on the road (and in business).

Based on a series of testimonials from people with no guns to their heads, the campaign is a multichannel strategy created by adam&eveDDB. It will run across OOH, print, radio, point-of-sale, DM and social media.


Is it a bird, a plane!? No, it’s a Google blimp

South Africa – Imagine a wireless network stretching for hundreds of square kilometers, and it’s all happening at high altitudes. Google is running trials in Cape Town to test balloons and Blimps to deliver wireless communications to eventually connect a billion people (cannot say these guys think small – ever!)

Ultra low frequencies can travel massive distances high in the sky, and enables an eco-system of cheap Android handphones to get people talking. Read all about it here.

$390 million deal delivers exceptional corporate speak

NewYork – Can someone translate the following please, “Through Global Technology Solutions, Nasdaq OMX will redefine technology as a source of competitive advantage for our clients.” That beauty was delivered by Anna Ewing, in reference to the Nasdaq OMX Group acquiring Thomson Reuters Investor Relations, Public Relations and Multimedia Solutions.

A fair amount of coin was exchanged for the purchase, which will be rolled into Nasdaq OMX’s Global Technology Solutions. We all wish Anna the very best in doing whatever it is that needs to be done.

Shock! Gasp! Content influences B2B buyers

Pala Alto, Calif. – The CMO Council produced a study, “Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field” from an online survey of 400 B2B buyers. 87% of them admitted that online content has either a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection.

The stuff buyers like include: association research reports, industry group research, customer case studies and product reviews.

Kimon Lycos

Kimon Lycos is founder of Mihell & Lycos, a leading business-to-business marketing communications agency, helping companies sell technology and innovation to other companies. He is also an Adjunct Professor with RMIT University. Tweet Kimon: @b2bmarketer, and visit Mihell & Lycos website.

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