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Could Brand USA’s 3D audio campaign changes the way we listen to ads?


Could Brand USA’s 3D audio campaign changes the way we listen to ads?


Brand USA has partnered with Expedia Media Solutions to launch ‘Sound Travels’, an interactive, immersive 3D audio campaign.

Tourism marketer Brand USA has launched the pilot of its latest campaign ‘Sound Travels’, an interactive online experience that takes advantage of 3D audio technology to submerse users in American travel destinations.

“The unique 3D audio experience pushes the boundaries of imagination and transports listeners to destinations across the US with just the use of headphones,” said Hari Nair, global senior vice president of Expedia Media Solutions.

Sounds Travels


3D audio technology uses specialised microphones and compresses audio so that when played through stereo headphones, the brain is tricked into interpreting the sound as having multiple sources. Thus the technology can manipulate where sound is perceived as originating for the user. This effect can be achieved through almost all commercial earphones and headphones.

The ‘Sound Travels’ campaign closely follows the release of Brand USA’s Imax music documentary America’s Music Journal. The film explores American history through sound and music, staying in theme with its new campaign.

‘Sound Travels’ is available on desktop and mobile, wherein the user is taken on an interactive guided tour, choosing their preferred locations and sounds. Users are then offered custom travel recommendations based on these choices.

Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer of Brand USA says “as the ‘Sound Travels’ program continues to evolve, we’re confident that it will inspire prospective visitors to travel to one of our vibrant destinations.” The campaign will be targeting consumers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK until 30 June.

With this unconventional campaign, Brand USA’s objective is to increase engagement and international visitation. “‘Sound Travels’ will empower Brand USA to engage with international travellers in a fresh and exciting format, and is an example of the innovative, technology-led solutions we develop for marketing partners” continues Nair.

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Josh Loh

Josh Loh is assistant editor at MarketingMag.com.au

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