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Dow Jones Invites you to The Information Explosion Seminar


Dow Jones Invites you to The Information Explosion Seminar


About the Seminar

As the digital world grows ever faster and more complex, it is a true challenge for communication professionals to efficiently digest, analyse and act on the news and information that may be critical to the success – and survival – of their organisations. Uncovering news and emerging trends that may impact the business or company reputation are all critical aspects of the information cycle.

Factiva’s seminar The Information Explosion: Burden to Blessing will examine how communications and information management professionals can equip themselves with the necessary skills andtools to stay ahead of the information evolution. In addition, throughout the seminar you’ll have the opportunity to network with peers and professionals and gain unique insights into how other organisations are coping with information overload.

Event Details

Date:    Tuesday 8 November 2011
Time:    4.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Venue: Hilton Hotel Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney

Speakers include:

  • David Redhill, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte
  • Chris Whelan, Asia Pacific Knowledge Leader, Ernst & Young
  • Scott Schulman, President of Corporate Markets, Dow Jones

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Surviving the information economy.
  • Fitting social media into you information framework.
  • Free information vs relevant information and the impact to your company reputation.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage with business intelligence.
  • Unique tools that help you perform research and analysis in a rapid and responsive matter.
  • Proactive ways communications professionals can support their organisation’s business strategy.


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