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This drinks company has created a “new category” by combining coconut water and coffee


This drinks company has created a “new category” by combining coconut water and coffee


Coconut water brand H2Coco claims to have created a new category with its new mix of coffee and coconut water, CocoEspresso.

A spokesperson for H2Coco explains the new drink has been designed for the health conscious, 18-to-35-year-old market:

“While the iced coffee, energy drink segments are huge they are generally avoided by the health conscious. Even though the concept of a refreshing iced coffee or energy boost from a energy drink is appealing, they are seen as being full of unwanted additives, fat etcetera, by the active, health conscious consumer.”

H2Coco says the new drink, which is Australia’s first coconut water and coffee blend, is “a fusion of” three categories: flavoured milks/iced coffees, energy drinks and coconut water/flavoured waters.

It is free from fat, dairy, lactose, gluten, artificial additives and concentrates, and its packaging is environmentally-friendly.

The company suggests it can be consumed post-workout, for breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or before a night out – basically any time.

“In our busy lives, running between the office, gym, job sites and home, we are often caught making a poor choice all in the name of convenience,” the company says.

“We are torn between wanting hydration and an energy boost, a tasty treat and something that’s good for us – and often it’s the later that we forgo.”

CocoEspresso will aim to solve these problems. The question is: will it catch on?



Michelle Herbison

Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.

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